Well the world has gone to hell again, dang it, and those who played through Far Cry 5 and chose a specific path will know all about this.

Those who didn’t… well clearly picked the wrong option.

New Dawn picks up in the aftermath of Far Cry 5, in which cult leader Joseph Seed gathered his flock in preparation for the imminent demise of civilisation. That destruction now realised, your always helpful self, known as ‘the Captain’ is required to assist in the rebuild of settlement Prosperity and bring sacks of death to a fighty group known as the Highwaymen, led by angry twins Mickey and Lou who would very much like to rule the region recovering in the rubble.

Along the way, the Captain raids Highwaymen outposts, grabs the resulting ethanol and builds Prosperity into a defendable site, with the help of allies recruited along the way.

But the Highwaymen aren’t the only group out there with eyes on survival and/or control.

New Dawn is a rollicking spin-off which in no way besmirches Far Cry’s good name. The controls and layout will be familiar to series stalwarts and, barring a few hilarious character limb-flailing during exchanges, is polished enough to reflect your own dirty face.

You needn’t have played Far Cry 5 to get your jollies in New Dawn, but seeing your old haunts in Hope County reduced to husks ripe for plunder, and the return of some familiar faces will resonate all the more if you have.

Hell, if you haven’t touched FC5, grab it along with New Dawn and wave goodbye to your evenings.