I have an ongoing row with my son with whom I enjoy all games Lego, and it’s to do with the red brick multipliers.

For the Lego novice, the red bricks (pink in Lego Marvel 2) offer a collection of bonuses such as a stud attractor, a minikit detector and silliness like giving the characters amusing hats.

Then there are the stud multipliers: 2x, 4x, 6x, 8x and 10x. Put them all together and each stud collected is worth 3,840 times its usual amount, and when you’ve got upward of 200 characters to buy with said studs, these bricks are important little blighters to get early doors. Trouble is, they’re exponentially expensive to unlock (in Lego Marvel 2, the 2x brick is worth 800,000 studs, and 10x 100,000,000).

My son, however, is far too impatient to save up studs and smashes them on unlocking characters as soon as they’re earned. Utterly infuriating.

But Lego Incredibles has eliminated this skirmish by obliterating the price of bricks (back to red this time). In LI, the bonuses are tied up with Pixar Family Builds. Complete an open-world Crime Wave, collect enough Incredibricks (handily left lying about throughout the open world), construct lovely reminders of Pixar films gone by and they’ll spit out bonus bricks without too much prodding.

If you’re familiar with The Incredibles and Lego games, you’ll be aware the family’s powers match up pretty perfectly with what it takes to finish your average Lego level. Mr Incredible’s strong, Elastigirl stretches, Dash is quick and Violet can turn invisible and do the ‘ball’ thing.

And Jack-Jack has his own hilarious collection of impressive feats.

The levels follow both films pretty closely, pulling dialogue as they go, and happily this is the first Lego film tie-in which doesn’t suffer from wildly fluctuating volume levels.

Outside of the levels, the open-world playground consists of Municiberg and Urbem where the usual collection of yellow bricks and feeble residents litter the landscape, and the aforementioned Crime Waves run off with the ‘new for this Lego game’ honour.

It’s yet another Lego game - it’s the same, it’s different, there’s a character roster stuffed with Pixar legends.

And the multipliers are free. Glorious…