It’s comforting to know that the rally/racing genre hasn’t yet grown out of its adolescence rock-soundtrack/po-faced-rivals/graffiti-design stage and Gravel doesn’t so much as tick all the cliché boxes, it leaves a dirty great skidmark across the face of Senor Stereotype Rally Videogame.

Apart from one little feature: Phillip Schofield.

Okay, so the voiceover guy probably isn’t Phill, but it sure bloody sounds like it, so stiff-upper-lipped and devoid of the usual screaming enthusiasm inherent in the genre.

“Gosh I’m so splendidly excited about this ripping course, pip pip,” he obviously doesn’t say, but it’s not far off.

Maybe the developer lost a bet, but it’s hardly the sort of atmosphere one expects from such an adrenaline-spattered sport.

So this is not a full-priced release so one shouldn’t expect the polish or content of a 50-quidder. Nevetheless, the cars don’t looks great; I’ve seen PS3 modelling that puts these to shame. But the handling isn’t rubbish and the courses are solid and varied enough to keep plugging on.

There’s an element of Motorstorm here, but without the stupendously wide tracks. It’s a shame, really, because the open choose-your-own-route style of Motorstorm could do with a resurgence.

As it is, one races, one earns points to unlock more tracks and cars, and then one earns the right to take on a handful of angry rival drivers, each more ridiculous and hilarious than the last.

Gravel is about as generic as a rally sim gets. Don’t expect anything more for your money and you’ll be fine.