Aaaaand we’re back…

There’s no argument (none, alright?) the most interesting Lego tie-ins involve caped crusaders, tool-wielding Norse deities and wicked prune-faced emperors.

Ninjas and crime-ridden cities are fine, I guess, but Batman, Marvel and Star Wars poke all the right buttons as far as interesting characters and fulfilling storylines are concerned.

That’s if you can follow the story; developers TT Games have thrown a giant party for every Marvel character known to geek and thrashed it through a dimension-traversing story that’s the equivalent of a seven-year-old on a diet of Coke and blue Smarties.

It’s certainly a feast for the eyes, if not coherence. And STILL we’re having problems with dialogue audio volume levels. Conversations between characters can involve alarming decibel differences.

But apart from a few game crashes (a touch more than usual, here), the outlay tightly mirrors previous Lego titles: play the story, collect red and gold bricks, free-play levels for total minikit joy and mess about in a selection of open-world Lego worlds.

If the last thing you wanted from a Lego game was a revamped format, you’re in luck.