Heavens to Betsy, it really doesn’t pay to be a Nazi in the path BJ Blajkowicz. If you’re not a fan of German far-right groups - particularly in an alternative future when they’re doing rather well for themselves, thanks very much – you’ll get more than your fair share of chances to spill their insides all over the floor here.

Speaking of which, old BJ’s guts aren’t exactly in the most internal of states early doors, as it follows rather promptly on the heels of the first game in which he was quite the hero, which lkeft him rather messy of stomach.

A spot of surgery and some not-at-all adequate recovery time later, and our wheelchair-bound hero is rolling through a sub splashing bad Jerry all over the walls.

And my goodness, it is satisfying. Particularly as the game has a meaty difficulty level. But hey, steampunk Nazis rule the world, and taking the regime apart one outrageous slaughter at a time shouldn’t be a cakewalk.

First-person blood-letting has never been better.