Farts are funny. South Park knows this and knows we all know it, so to move things forward from The Stick of Truth, its creators have plumped for a whole game based around this fact.

Your tremendous powers of flatulence can solve puzzles, beat adversaries into submission and just plain entertain the hell out of you.

And that pretty much illustrates the level on which the game is played. But then, you’re a South Park fan, surely no one else is going to buy the game.

The story closely follows a recent SP episode involving Cartman trying to get his superhero franchise off the ground. The town is split into factions of Coon and Friends – of which you,  the new kid, is a part – and the Freedom Pals. Plus Professor Chaos who, as always, is a ridiculous law unto himself.

There’s a lost cat, Cartman’s left hand Mitch Connor, the return of Dr Mephisto and whole mess of dirty, dirty humour, as you’d expect.

Apart from the story, gameplay is set out along similar lines to Stick of Truth. There’s a big town to explore, a host of collectibles and the turn-based combat system which here is expanded to involve more of the arena’s surface area.

If you fancy an interactive episode of South Park and don’t mind the RPG elements, The Fractured But Whole is the game that keeps on giving. Outside of the SP fanbase, however, I can’t see a lot of takers.