A wee ways before Uncharted rewrote how to direct an action game, a young not unpleasantly presented woman by the name of Lara Croft was your go-to for an outlandish archaeological software rummage.

Uncharted brought fearless wisecracking Nathan Drake to the party and we all forgot about Croft, apart from the rubbish Angelina Jolie films. 

Until in 2013 when Square Enix rebooted her backside in a really rather sensational way. Different from Drake’s linear gameplay, Lara hunted, ate, crafted and was all very British about matters, old bean, in her open-world arena.

Last Year’s Uncharted 4 seemingly signalled the end of Nathan’s adventures – and a terrifically lucrative avenue for its developer Naughty Dog.

What to do?

Helpfully Drake’s adventures have whipped up enough fleshed-out side characters around which to build something new. Enter old flame Chloe Fraser from Uncharteds 2 & 3, and Nadine Ross, who kicked the hell out of Drake during Uncharted 4. Drake’s brother Sam also pops up for some juicy dialogue, particularly with Nadine, with whom he has some sticky history.

Slap them with some liberally embellished Hindu pantheon legends and you’ll have forgotten all about Drake and his happy-ever-after (oop, spoilers...) family retirement.

Uncharted fans have everything they need here. Although gameplay length isn’t one of TLG’s strong points, there are multiplayer and survival modes to eek out a few more hours. Hell, it’s not a full-price game, more a footnote to Uncharted 4.

As ever, the script keeps matters interesting when the action gets a little repetitive. Naughty Dog have spent solid time building some decent history behind both Chloe and Nadine, and the pair gloriously fail to maintain bosom-buddy status throughout.

TLG brings nothing new technically to the party. The graphics are as delicious as ever, the fluid third-person run-and-gun system is the same and if you’re not going off-piste to find every collectible trinket around each level then you’re a far more focused gamer than I.