The propensity of developers making up names for countries in which to set their conflicts has always bothered me. I'm all too aware that one doesn't want to create diplomatic incidents or smear excrement all over prospective markets but I've just had a gutsful of Spleegenistan, Plopdonia and other such nonsense.

Happily, the latest installment in Thomas's incredibly long-running series of shooty, explody funtimes is set in the altogether properly named Bolivia. Obviously all other elements are based on some sort of fiction, apart from the fact there are terrifyingly large quantities of drugs involved, along with criminal gangs obsessed by the stuff.

Our villain is the brutally serious El Sueno, a thick-set desperado with fetching facial tattoos. His cartel is well on its way to taking over Bolivia but, because he has clumsily removed the life of a US agent, the Ghosts are sent in to have an angry word. So far, so very routine from a narrative standpoint.

What unfolds is a batch of general sandbox fare enhanced by the multiplayer of up to three chums joining in the merry bloodbath. But if you're going down this route you'd better make sure you've got a full bag of friends, as the game doesn't let you fill empty posts with AI.

And while all aspects of open-world squad-based buttock-cap-popping are represented to the desired quality, blasting about this specific South American landscape shaking down hoods fast becomes tedious. Diversity barely pops her head around the door for a chat, and there's only so much fun to be had ploughing a helicopter into the various pieces of architecture.

A thoroughly serviceable piece of gaming furniture, just lacking in a little polish.