In which a mostly incomprehensible story is tucked around the nifty gameplay mechanics of a girl who can manipulate gravity and tumble clumsily through the air.

The basic rundown has you playing Kat, an easily excited Anime stereotype complete with improbable body shape poured into a surely-uncomfortable-but-definitely-ghastly leotard accessory.

She’s employed to mine spherical ore from ruined floating cities beneath the sky ships in which she lives, until an incident returns her gravity-commanding powers. Well, Dusty the space cat turns up and apparently that’s all Kat needs to whip herself through the cosmos willy-nilly.

So there’s still mining to be done for evil moustache-clad villains, some nasty creatures (the Nevi) with helpfully shiny vulnerable spots to dispatch and the mystery of Kat’s origins to peel back.

The latter of which certainly keeps one hooked, even after all fathomable aspects of the storyline have been lost.

Controlling Kat certainly takes some getting used to. She can belt through the air with gusto, and chopping between gravity-off and gravity-on while trying to put your foot through a Nevi can be brutally unforgiving early doors.

But GR2 is a terrifically original (if ludicrously told) piece of work that certainly benefits from a gamer willing to forgive the insanity that many Anime stories bring to the table. Run with it and Gravity Rush 2 will keep giving for hours on end.