CAR sales icon Exchange and Mart is marking its 150th year with a “catchy” new ad campaign.

At the forefront of the campaign is a 30-second radio advert that depicts a historic but familiar experience between car buyer and seller.

The seller, full of swagger and confidence, trying to bag a sale any way he can, but he’s no match for the savvy buyer of today.

Lynn Clark, brand manager, said: “The way we buy cars has changed so much over the years.

“With so many outlets for research, from social media to review sites, the car buyer is becoming the expert and knows exactly what they are looking for.

“In our 150th year, we wanted to acknowledge our history and that of the car industry with a bit of humour and nostalgia but also highlight how far we have come.”

She said the brand has continually adapted to the changing needs of consumers as it has grown, allowing it to stick around in a highly competitive industry.

The much-loved magazine closed in 2009 and Exchange and Mart became a fully digital brand.

“Exchange and Mart is a site that isn’t just another online car classified, but somewhere that offers great deals from local dealers, whether they are large names or smaller independents. And of course, private sellers.”

The ad campaign has been developed by Bright Signals.

Its content director, Andy McColgan, said: “We love developing creative platforms for brands with real heritage, and Exchange and Mart is no exception.

“The brief to position them as edgy and contemporary leaders in the field while also celebrating the brand’s 150 years plus existence was a fantastic opportunity.

“We produced some irreverent humour, sending up the classic ‘Del Boy’ car-salesmen of yesteryear and pitting their wits against those of a modern, savvy, Exchange and Mart online user with a cheeky pay-off and strap.

“We are confident the campaign will resonate across the UK, give the brand a new lease of life and give people a chuckle over the coming months to boot.”

Exchange and Mart works with trusted dealers to offer choice and peace of mind when buying a car.

The firm also partners with well-known names such as to offer car insurance quotes and CreditPlus for finance deals, offering the full car buying package.