THE public are being offered the same cryotherapy treatment that many Premier League footballers receive with the opening of the first facility of its kind in the UK.

CryoLabs in Poole is the country’s first open access cryotherapy chamber.

The CryoAction chamber, capable of reaching temperatures of minus 160C, offers treatments at minus 135C.

CryoLabs says this is the optimum temperature for therapeutic use, whereas the more common electrically cooled cryo ‘pods’ or ‘saunas’ only reach minus 80-100C.

Premier League teams including Arsenal, Everton, Manchester City, Leicester City and AFC Bournemouth have used cryotherapy for player performance and recovery, while rugby giants Saracens, Leicester Tigers and the England and Wales international squads also use the same chambers offered by CryoLabs.

Advocates of cryotherapy also claim it aids multiple sclerosis, arthritis, skin conditions and anxiety, and to improve sleep.

CryoLabs director Ian Watson said: “Cryotherapy is not the latest medical or beauty fad. The use of cold therapy to treat a variety of medical conditions has been with us since the Ancient Greeks.

“Cryotherapy as we know it now has been used in hospitals across Eastern Europe (including Germany) for 30 years and its benefits were acknowledged by some of our elite athletes who previously travelled to places like Poland and Germany to gain the performance and recovery benefits it provides.

“Over the last few years professional cryotherapy chambers like our own have been installed and adopted by many of the Premier league football and rugby clubs – Leicester City being the prime example, who installed theirs just before they started their unbelievable winning run that saw them avoid relegation in 2015 and then win the premier league in 2016.“I am pleased to be the first to provide this professional medical quality cryotherapy chamber open for general public access in the UK. I hope that many people, whether they are attempting to gain a sporting advantage, recover from injury, treat a significant medical condition or simply enjoy the beauty and wellbeing benefits it provides, will take advantage of the facility and gain the rewards which up till now have been in the exclusive domain of elite sportsmen and women.”

CryoLabs, at Glenmore Business Centre in Fancy Road, also says the therapy has beauty applications, with the extreme cold stimulating microcirculation and collagen production to reduce wrinkles and the effects of cellulite. It says a three-minute whole body cryotherapy session can burn 300-800 calories.