AROUND 120 people turned out to socialise with fellow members of the digital and creative sector at the 35th Meetdraw.

The event started in 2009 as after-work drinks and has grown to a big networking opportunity.

The autumn meet-up, traditionally the quietest of the year, was held at Canvas in Bournemouth.

Toby Pestridge, who helps to organise the event, said: “We wanted to go back to our roots a little bit in terms of encouraging people to mix outside their normal groups and cliques. It’s so easy for people to just turn up and just speak to people that they know.”

Participants played Selfie Bingo during the evening.

“We wanted to get people circulating and meeting people they hadn’t met before,” said Mr Pestridge.

“We gave people a bingo card. What they had to do was go around the event finding people with the number that matches their bingo card and take a selfie with them.”

Guests were encouraged to share selfies on social media.

The first person to complete their card won an Amazon Echo Dot, courtesy of the event’s sponsor, the co-working and co-living space KIN.

The next Meetdraw will be a Christmas event, with the date yet to be fixed.