A NEW Great Britain-styled market is coming to Bournemouth town centre this month and will last all summer.

The man behind the Christchurch market, Paul Lewis of Southern Market Traders, is bringing it to Bournemouth, and said it will put “the super back in market”.

The market will run from Beale Place through to near McDonalds and will have independent retailers and street food.

Mr Lewis said: “We are going to have some very high-end retailers all in blue, white and red.

“It is about getting people to shop outside and bringing people back to the shops, we have to get people back to normal.

“We have been planning for three to four months. Hopefully it’s something to look forward.”

Stalls will include leather belts, hat stalls, artisan bakeries and home-made fudge. The street food will be all over the world, from Brazil, to Thailand, to Greece to Malaysia.

“It’s very exciting,” Mr Lewis continued. “It is a trial for everyone. Let’s make shopkeepers happy. It should bring a different customer into Bournemouth.

“I do the Christchurch market which is successful, Boscombe is now being revitalised, we are getting that up together.

“Hopefully we can make this successful, I am so excited, I know it is going to work.

“It will get people into town, we have a lot of independent shops in Bournemouth, let’s give them a boost.

“We are putting the super back into market, the Great British street market.

“It’s important we make things happen. Market traders have gone through a terrible time, it’s important they get something back.”

Councillor Philip Broadhead, deputy leader of BCP Council and cabinet member for regeneration, economy and strategic planning, said: “We are continuing to support our high streets and town centres as much as possible in order to give them the best bounce back possible and we are confident that ‘the Great British street market’ will be a very positive addition to the area.

“We’re proud to be working with Southern Market Traders to bring this market to life and to enhance the existing retailers and businesses that play a key role in our communities already.

“We’d invite you all to come and explore the array of personality and character that only a high street and market can provide.

“We look forward to seeing local, independent and wider businesses showcase their creative and quality products every Sunday. I can’t wait to visit the market myself and see all that is has to offer.”