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REVIEW: Ross Noble Lighthouse, Poole

You always know what to expect from Ross Noble – a full-flowing stream of consciousness, but the route that stream takes is ever-varying, tangential and easily distractable by anything that happens to be floating past.

REVIEW: Twelve Angry Men, Lighthouse, Poole

MANY people consider Henry Fonda’s performance as an unconvinced and questioning juror in the Sidney Lumet-helmed and thrice Oscar nominated movie Twelve Angry Men of 1957 to be his finest role.

REVIEW: John Kelly, Lighthouse, Poole

John Kelly is a remarkable individual. His body may be wrecked, but he is one of the most positive and life-affirming performers this reviewer has seen for many a moon.

REVIEW: The Woman In Black, Lighthouse, Poole

Conveying chills in a theatre is jolly hard work. The tendency is inevitably towards going too far and tumbling into comedy, but this production of The Woman In Black manages it beautifully.

REVIEW: John Kearns, Lighthouse, Poole

BACK in April John Kearns sold out this venue with his unconventional, uncategorisable and decidedly weird, in a good way, brand of comedy – and here he was doing it all again.