We'll Meet Again is aimed at reuniting long-lost friends and family from the Dorset area.

If you have a managed to track down anyone using this service, or know of any other success stories relating to it, we would love to hear them.

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PHIL MATTHEWS has tracked down his old friends Bryn Davies, Tommy Jensen and Paul Elms.

(posted 10.9.09)

BRYN DAVIES has tracked down his old friend Phil Matthews, via our ex-pats section. The men worked together when Bryn contracted the Carpet Fitting from the Woolco Store in Castle Lane. Ian says: “Many funny memories from incidents while working in people’s homes and from our social life. The days of : The Outlook, Maison Royale, Buccaneer Bar etc" .

(posted 1.9.09)

IAN MCKINNON has e-mailed us to say he has made contacted with his long-lost friend Jan and has spoken to her on the phone for the first time in 43 years.

(posted 29.6.06)

JOAN HUNTER (nee MARTIN) has made contact with her best friend after 35 years apart - thanks to We’ll Meet Again. Her friend is now living in Australia and Joan is in Canada.

Joan says: "I am going to visit her in February. I am very thankful for this wonderful site that has brought us together again." (posted 28.11.05)

LYNN HANGER has been reunited with her cousin Annette St John, thanks to We’ll Meet Again readers. Lynn said: “I had been trying to trace her myself for many years. Many thanks to everyone who contacted me."

MAUREEN CAPPER (nee Fowler) has made contact with her first boyfriend Terry Vincent She says: “My first boyfriend Terry from Kemp Welch and I have become friends again and have met up a number of times, I never did hear from any other girl friends from school. Are any of you out there? Maureen’s e-mail is:

TONY O'HARA and old friend YVONNE MARSH are back in touch for the first time in 38 years, thanks to the Daily Echo and We’ll Meet Again. Tony says: We are now conversing, with both our partners knowledge and understanding and gradually going through a detailed life history since we last saw each other. This has meant so much to me. I have spent may hours on the Internet hoping that somehow I could find her, alas with a new married name I stood little chance, that was until her friend saw the article and took time to tell Yvonne. My thanks to that friend.

STEVE PITTMAN says ‘thank you’ to the people who cared enough to make We'll Meet Again possible. I have managed to get in touch with many of the school pal. Words cannot express the satisfaction of re-kindling the memories of some 60 to 65 years of time, long past. Through clicks of the mouse it shows that we should never give up - it is possible. Places and faces once more become visible, even though dimmed somewhat with the passing of time. Keep up the good work!

Former sailor ERNIE RADCLIFFE and CLIFF CARTER have spoken again for the first time in 50 years thanks to We’ll Meet Again. The former shipmates, who served aboard HMS Eagle in the 50s, were brought back in touch by Dorothy Bull

ANGIE KITCHER wants to thank Marian (Fern) in Australia for getting my sister in touch with her childhood friend. She is also in contact with two family friends that she has found through We'll Meet again, and letters to the Echo. What a great service, thank you. (posted 8.8.03)

GRAHAM IVES has tracked down his friend Geoff Cotton thanks to We’ll Meet Again. He received an e-mail from Geoff’s daughter saying her father now lives mainly in Spain. By chance Geoff was visiting Weymouth and the couple met up. Geoff said: "Thanks Echo for bringing old friends back together." (posted 8.8.03)

MARIAN FERN (nee SCOTT) has heard from two people she knew many years ago. Janet, a friend from junior school days, (about 50 years ago,) and a workmate from the early 60s. Wonderful to hear from them after all these years. What a marvelous thing the Internet is. I only wish I had not resisted learning how to use a computer for so long. If I could give anyone of 55+ years advice, it would be to grab this technology with both hands, and learn how to use it to the fullest.

TRACEY HACKMAN managed to track down her cousin Peter who lives in Victoria, Australia. His side of the family emigrated in 1966. The Hackman's are a big Weymouth family.

(posted 8.5.03)

Norwegian KRISTINE BREKKE managed to track down James Hanslip of Bournemouth thanks to We’ll Meet Again.

As luck would have it Kristine contacted the Echo to post her query and James works at the Echo’s Richmond Hill office. Even stranger than that James happened to be visiting Bath, where Kristine now lives, the weekend following her inquiry

(posted 10.3.03)

MAUREEN CAPPER and her friend MURIEL JELLET , now living in Canada, are back in touch after many years, thanks to We’ll Meet Again. Maureen has struck lucky a second time with Searchline. She emailed us to say she had heard from her old friend Terry.

She e-mailed us to say: "What a lovely surprise I had this morning when checking my email on my friend Bob’s email address. I had not hoped for too much when I left a little message so imagine my delight when my old school friend Muriel Jellet e-mailed me from her home in Canada. What a lovely way to start the day. (posted 14.2.03)

I am in Lincolnshire for a few months looking after an old friend who is ill and I do miss my home in Poole so thank you Echo for bringing home a little bit closer to me.

WE’LL MEET AGAIN has helped DIANE AND ROY PHILLIPS Diane and Roy Phillips get in touch with two different friends from their motorbike days in the 60s. They are emailing each other on a regular basis and are very grateful for the help.

BRENDA DAVIDSON emailed us to say: What a wonderful site this is! My husband and I have found our old friends Edwin and Joan Simpson. Their son who no longer lives in the Bournemouth/Poole area was putting an ad in the Bournemouth Echo to sell a car when his wife decided to browse through the lost friends section, and lo and behold, there was my ad for their family.

The son contacted us through e-mail and it was such a joyous occasion. We have spoken on the phone, and plans are in the making for visiting each other. It has been more than 40 years since we saw each other. Thank you for such a great service.

We'll Meet Again has played a part in helping to improve the safety of American children in Houston, Texas. Brenda Davidson of Houston used the service to try and track down some old friends in Dorset and as a result met Alec Smith of Bournemouth.

Mr Smith helps out at Steetwise Centre, a street scene simulation that helps children to become aware of the dangers lurking in their community, and he showed Mrs Davidson around the East Howe centre. She was very impressed and is hopeful a similar project can be set up in Texas.

DIANE PHILLIPS emailed us to say she managed to get in touch with old neighbours, who emigrated to Australia 30 years ago.

And I. J. PALMER has found a cousin in Canada. They lost contact 63 years ago.