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Michael Lawson (posted June 21, 2013)

Email: lawsonmj@xtra.co.nz

I was born at 19 Highfield Rd, then lived at 8 Dolphin Avenue, Northbourne.Summerbee Sec was my school till 1961. Left UK March 63 On the Oriana. Would like to find any one from the Longham riding school or Summerbee commercial class, especialy the three friends who saw me off at Southampton. Now living in Winton, New Zealand and married with 4 children. I'm returning for a visit August/September this year would love to hear from any one who remembers me.


David Turbutt (posted December 6, 2012)

Email: dave,turbutt@hotmail.com

My name is David and in the mid 50s I was sent to a boarding school called Whatcombe House in Winterbourne, Dorset.

I was sent there by the Greater London Council with a number of other young boys, apparantly I was beyound my parents' control. My memories of the school and its grounds are deeply embeded in my memory bank it was a time that I consider to be the best years of my young life, growing up in the hands of Mr & Mrs Holiday head master & mistress. Now passed on I imagine.

They and the staff were wonderful caring people, that had a lot to put up with children such as myself, and never faltered in their quest in helping us grow up.

In 1974 I emigrated to New Zealand with my wife and daughter and finished up 15 years later in Queensland, Australia.

Margaret and I will have been together next year 50 wonderful years and will be returning to England for a holiday in June and July staying with family in the New Forest.

I imagine the little town of Winterbourne to be much the same, but who knows. We were allowed to walk down from the school to go to a little cinema at the bottom of the hill on the right hand side, other than that its all a bit scratchy. I wonder if anyone there can tell me if it is possible to visit Whatcome House, so I can show my wife where it was I resided all those years ago.

It is obviously owned by different people, perhaps even privately. I would appreciate it if you or your readers could help me in reaching my goal in visiting the old school. I was born in Clapton East 5 in 1942.

Yours faithfully David Charles Turbutt.


Tim Webb (posted June 19, 2012)

Email: timwebb@aapt.net.au

I would like to hear from classmates at Southbourne Preparatory School from 1952-57