What’s this? Flick is a photo sharing website where you can show off your pictures. It’s free, and really easy to use.

How are we using it? We started with Autumnwatch related pictures and got an amazing response. You can still see all the amazing pictures we were sent in our Autumnwatch from Brownsea group.

Now we’ve started a monthly photography project where we issue a challenge – and you try and take the best picture.

This one is by Laura. Click the picture to see it full size.

You can also see pictures that we’ve marked as favourites, taken by photographers from all over the country – it’s an amazing way to find some really stunning images.

How do I join in? Go to Flickr.com and sign up! Lots of Echo readers have already tried it out. You’ll need to register with Yahoo if you don’t already have a Yahoo account but it’s really straightforward.

Then search for Bournemouth Echo under ‘People’ and add us as a contact! You can also join our first monthly project group here- then why not have a look at some of the other groups we’re running – or even start one of your own?