WE HOPE you’re enjoying the Echo’s new website.

We’ve had plenty of praise for the new layout and plenty of criticism.

Rest assured we will listen to all your views and try to take account of them.

We thought it might be helpful to list a couple of the most frequently answered questions and offer some answers.

QUESTION - I’m having problems registering to place comments on the new site?

ANSWER - Please make sure you are typing the security word exactly as it appears on the screen.

If you have a problem logging into the site but you have already registered, generally this will be a problem with your cookies.

Cookies retain information (i.e. passwords, usernames etc) which will save you from having to re-log on when you use your machine. This will recognise you everytime. But if you log on to a different machine, it won't remember your settings.

If you need to enable cookies so their browser can remember information, you can do this by visiting 'Tools' at the top of your browser, selecting 'Internet Options' and adjusting your security/privacy options.

QUESTION - Why can’t I register using my existing username?

ANSWER - Some people have not been able to re-register using their existing username. We think this is another cookie issue. We apologise for the inconvenience - and if we find a way to fix it, we'll let you know.