IMAX, the final frontier. Or is it?

It seems that this debate is going to run for all eternity.

Recently, Philip Whitelegg suggests that the swimming pool idea is the way forward but that the council does not see a substantial profit from it.

Personally, as a non-swimmer, I’m in favour of the council’s indecision and let’s be fair, they have tended to jump in with both feet on more than one occasion and subsequently needed a lifeguard, or as with ‘Bonsai Boscombe’, a miracle to get them out.

Therefore, I’m all for the council getting the most from any project they endorse, which could then be spent on other worthwhile projects.

People seem to forget that Bournemouth is turning into a Jekyll and Hyde sort of town.

By day, it is the ‘premier seaside resort’ as Philip states, but by night, it’s nothing more than ‘a Frankenstein’.

It won’t be long before tourists are forced to stay in their hotels for fear of physical attack or having to wade through the mountains of accumulated rubbish, cast down by drunken revellers.

In Old Christchurch Road in particular, teams of workers are out at 5am cleaning the streets in readiness for another day.

These costs, for example, aren’t going to come from the proposed swimming pool project or others like it.

Besides, nature has provided us with the biggest swimming pool in the world.

It’s called the sea. And guess what... it’s free.

TONY ANGELLIS, Southbourne Road, Bournemouth