IT was good to see some of my classmates from Parkstone Grammar School in 1980 when they won their young scientist award (Echo, February 15).

The school had recently employed a very enthusiastic physics teacher, David Triplow, who made science come alive.

I believe it was only last year he retired from Parkstone Grammar, and I hope he is now enjoying a well-earned rest after encouraging students for over 30 years.

Some of my class went on to do engineering at university. I followed the accountancy route and now manage a local community centre for the Salvation Army.

My 24-year-old son completed a masters degree in electrical power engineering in Glasgow last year so maybe my love of physics was passed to him.

Thanks Mr Triplow from many families that you have affected.

MRS DEBBIE RAMSAY (nee Bundy) Centre Director, The Place Next Door, Winton Salvation Army