I AM not what one would call a fan of any sport and never imagined I would ever comment on the subject.

Yet I now find myself most intrigued or even confused right now.

I am hearing reports on my BBC Breakfast News that USA football is slowly coming to the UK.

We now all have to determine our own well-loved sport as soccer so as not to confuse the issue.

What does ‘soccer’ mean?

Football is where you can only use your foot, apart from the goalie. In USA football, players also use their hands. So it’s not really ‘football’.

Now last Saturday, my television was on with the sound off and I watched a bit of the latest top rugby. I have to admit, I got a bit involved with it all.

Such a hard rough and tumble game most definitely not for wimps. Then I thought, “What is the difference between USA football and UK Rugby?”

To my own mind, the only difference is that the US players pad themselves up so much with body protection and hard helmets with face guards, whilst the Brits simply go out there with no more than maybe gum-shields and ear protection.

Whilst also on the subject of USA versus UK with sport, could somebody also explain to me the difference between rounders (UK) and Baseball (USA)?

It’s the very same with basketball, when we in UK have netball. What is the difference?

Though as said, I am not a fan of any sports, I do feel somewhat concerned about the influx of USA sports within the British Isles.

I’ve got this horrible feeling that it might just be another scenario from when the USA grey squirrel was introduced to Britain and killed off our well-loved red squirrel.

Is the same going to happen with our national sports?

CHRISTINE PETERS Wellington Road, Bournemouth