I REFER to recent reports referring to Christchurch High Street and Saxon Square.

I for one am very concerned how it is being developed especially Saxon Square.

It is now mainly coffee shops plus a pasty shop, with all the tables and chairs taking most of the space for people to walk across.

When the farmers market is there monthly, it is difficult, especially as our local people are elderly and have zimmer frames and wheelchairs.

Terry Atkinson, secretary of Christchurch Chamber of Trade & Commerce, said people have got to understand they have to be thankful for small mercies, which I for one will never understand.

I have been in Christchurch many years, watching it go downhill from a lovely characteristic town.

We lost our lovely Pontins Holiday Centre and restaurant, where you could watch the swans and their families on the River Stour.

Now, with all the moorings of the boats, you can barely see from one side to the other. I for one don’t go down so often.

One thing to be grateful for is our lovely Priory which they can not take away from us.

We also at the moment have the lovely bowling green. For how much longer I wonder.

NAME SUPPLIED, Christchurch