IT is now well over 13 months since, after endless correspondence with Wessex Trust, owner of the former United Reformed Church and adjoining manse at Throop, they declared their intentions that the church would be occupied by the Bournemouth International Church under a full repairing and insuring lease by Christmas – that being Christmas 2010.

Also the adjoining manse would occupied by tenants by February 2010 after works to refurbish.

As residents know only too well, both these lovely listed buildings (the church dates back to 1828) continue to remain empty even after repeatedcommunications by our principal enforcement officer to the church owners – with the buildings now showing serious weather deterioration,more so with the church yard in a state of overgrown appearance.

A number of children’s graves in the front of the church date back to the 1800s.

Over the past few years, a former resident (Denis) has been travelling from Romsey to cut the grass to the rear of the graveyard where his father and brother are buried, his brother being killed in 1943 flying a Lancaster Bomber.

All of this at his own expense because of his love for this lovely church building and peaceful place of rest. The question is why, with the reassurance given in an email in November 2010 by the church trust owners that these two listed building will be occupied.

We continue here to await replies from the church owners.

CLLR RON WHITTAKER, Throop and Muscliff