HAVING read Cllr Rod Cooper’s letter (February 7), I can imagine the scene of parents drinking coffee while watching their children playing in the playground to be built in the car park at Queens Park Golf Club.

Fast forward into the real world.

As a golfer, by April 1 I must pay £605 green fee, £95 subs to Queens Park Golf club and £80 for two lockers, a total of £780.

Multiply that minus locker hire, by 182 members equals £127,400.

Add to this the pay as you play golfers, the visiting societies and the 10 Bouremouth hotels offering golfing holidays, then the golf course brings in a lot of money.

Without the golfers the park would become overgrown and attract who knows what.

The cost of coffee on the patio approx £2.

WJ CLARKE, Queens Park member for 33 years, Bournemouth