POOLE beach authorities say that the waiting list for beach huts is an average of 10 years and the list is now closed.

They would be more accurate if they stated that the waiting list was from four to 15 years depending on whether people were willing to take the first beach hut offered. If someone insists on hanging on for a particular hut, then they have imposed a longer wait for themselves, not others.

Most people I know have waited four to six years, which is a normal situation.

If the council put a five to 10-year limit on renting a beach hut, this will make tenants less concerned about their neighbours.

They may not bother to decorate or fit the huts out and most likely avoid getting involved in long term problems or plans for the beach.

One reason that the waiting list continues is that a lot of vacant huts that were previously long term have been taken over as short term lets, on a daily or weekly basis.

Considering that we are now in a recession and have had huge rent rises on the beach huts in the last three years, 45 per cent, the waiting list should be a lot shorter, and not closed.

FRANCES WHEATLEY, Sandbanks representative for Poole Beach Hut Association, Nettleton Close, Canford Heath