I WOULD like to let the person or people who were involved in the death of one cat and putting the other in the bin in Charminster (Daily Echo, October 5) know that as far as many people are concerned, the animals have more right to be here than they do. We do not need these sort of people and when they are found, I would like to see them given the same treatment.

Perhaps they would like to write a letter (I guess it would be anonymous) and explain why they did it.

Come to that, I would like to hear from all these people who have carried out cruel acts on animals what their reasoning is.

Animals are vulnerable and day after day we are reading of these disgusting acts.

The respect for animals and also the elderly and disabled has disappeared over the years.

I would like to come back and see these louts when they are in their 80s and see how they get treated.

They think they are invincible, but just remember you will get old and will want to be treated well – what goes around comes around.

MRS SJ VINCENT, Tytherley Green, Bournemouth