I DON’T think these cutbacks in public services are a good idea. It takes ages to get a reply from them.

Just this week HMRC have not calculated my wife’s tax return. I fill it in for her every year because she always gets a tax rebate.

Recently she received a letter from the TV licence people saying we were going to be watching TV illegally as we hadn’t paid our tv licence last September.

My wife panicked and paid immediately by credit card. I was able to prove I had paid it, on time, but they wouldn’t refund us the money.

We had to apply for a refund. We got the money back plus a goodwill payment, eventually, after a strongly worded letter.

Several years ago I tried doing my tax return online. I got confirmation it was received OK then got a £100 fine for not doing it. It took months and months to sort out. Any letters I send to these people I do by recorded delivery now.

I think they are under too much pressure with less and less staff to do more and more work.

MALCOLM CHAPMAN, Parkwood Road, Bournemouth