HERE we go again. Philip Whitelegg attacks the cycling on the Promenade. Since being introduced more than 10 years ago, this facility has been a massive and growing success.

The opportunity for cyclists and families to travel from Sandbanks to Christchurch on a flat, beautiful, pollution-free environment is unique.

Obviously any accident is one too many, but compared with fatal accidents on the roads over 10 years it does not warrant banning.

Sadly, as on the roads, the Prom gets its share of speeding and dangerous idiots. Better enforcement and education would help. Should we also ban the land train, council, police and emergency vehicles as well?

Incidentally, as from July 1 until September 1, between the hours of 10am to 6pm, cycling (quite rightly) is banned. However you will still see rogue riders ignoring this. The bylaw states a 10mph limit and giving way to pedestrians needs to be highlighted and ‘policed’ by fellow riders.

Do not ban a facility enjoyed by the majority because of the actions of a minority.

Lastly, I wish to pay tribute to Peter De Lieu who passed away recently.

Peter was a lovely man who fought passionately for cyclists, cycle routes and safe cycling in the conurbation most of his life on behalf of the CTC and residents. Thank you Peter and family.

Cllr DENNIS GRITT, Linkside Avenue, Bournemouth