I WOULD like to respond to the recent letter ‘Let’s see dancing in the ballroom again’.

The Pavilion Ballroom hosts more than 140 ballroom, ceroc, ballet, salsa, contemporary, samba and disco dance events spread over the course of a year.

The Pavilion Ballroom also provides a diverse mix of entertainment and cultural events to attract a wide range of people to the venue such as comedy shows, wrestling competitions, party nights, dinner dances, exhibitions, education and music.

This year BH Live is already developing its own dance programming in the Pavilion Ballroom for the coming year with events such as the Ballroom Blitz in August, a 1940s Gala Ball with joint promoters the Bovington Tank Museum.

We are also looking to offer masked balls and themed nights and will endeavour to continue providing popular events at the Pavilion Theatre and Ballroom to attract, and meet the diverse needs of the public and our community.

STEVE PIPER, BH Live Head of Venues, Bournemouth Pavilion