REFERENCE the letter dated June 25 from Councillor Anne Rey, I would like to thank her for her work in many areas thus far.

I do not propose to discuss individual cases and would like to remind Cllr Rey that supporting our most vulnerable people and protecting their health and wellbeing remains a high priority for this council.

Our most vulnerable people are never used in politics. Cllr Rey knows very well that does not happen and I’m concerned that she considered doing so; she is not a lone voice in this area of work.

Our Adult Social Care team is currently undertaking an intensive review of all direct payments given to our service users to ensure that public money is being spent wisely and is fairly distributed to make sure that all individual care needs can continue to be met.

We have protected vulnerable adults in spite of a huge cut in our Supporting People Grant from Central Government.

Residents have told us that one of the top priorities is supporting our community by helping the vulnerable people and this is one of our guiding principals for the next four years which we will, and are following.

Cllr Rey, I would hope we are all working together towards improved outcomes and not as a participant in some sort of political game which has been dreamt up; our aim is to improve and protect the health and wellbeing of all people and especially those with the poorest health in our community.

CLLR LYNDA PRICE, Cabinet Member for Health and Social Care, Bournemouth Borough Council