PHILIP Whitelegg calls for a ban on promenade cycling (‘The era of cycling should be ended’, June 29) after reading of the most serious accident we have had along there in over 10 years reported by S Kelly (‘Ban bikes from our busy promenade’, June 21).

A couple of points need to be made. First, the offender was clearly riding too fast and irresponsibly. No one, arguing for or against prom cycling, condones this.

The bylaws allow for enforcement against this behaviour.

If there is a lack of enforcement, this would also be the case if a ban were brought in.

We currently have no enforcement of 20mph zones by the police – this is no argument for their removal.

Secondly, while I’m sure we all have sympathy for Ms Kelly’s condition and wish her a full and speedy recovery, we cannot class this as a “serious” accident.

She does not report being knocked over, simply “hit”. There was no admission to hospital other than to be checked over.

She had taken her sensitive condition to a busy place where it could easily have been exacerbated by a jogger, running child or a volleyball.

In discussing these matters, we must differentiate between responsible and reckless cycling.

We must also not allow our pre-conceived decisions to inflate and emotionally overstate the facts.

MIKE CHALKLEY, Chairman, Bournemouth Cycling Forum