I WAS dismayed to read that the proposed wind farm off the Dorset coast is supported by Bournemouth residents.

This is a distorted view if I am rightly informed that only one thousand residents were polled.

Although I now live in Weymouth, I was born in Bournemouth and spent my youth enjoying the relaxing uninterrupted view from the cliffs.

This would be non-existent if the wind farm came.

Also the damage to wildlife and even the local climate, which these turbines have been shown to affect, cannot be measured now but can be anticipated. Wind farms have been shown to be very inefficient.

A blot on the coastal landscape that might provide a very limited supply of electricity but which might damage the local environment is something I am strongly against.

This area is important to me and I hope that Bournemouth residents – not in the one thousand polled – will write to their MP to protest about it before it is too late.

If wind farms were not subsidised they would not exist.

ROSEMARY WELLS, Mariners Way, Chickerell, Weymouth