LAST week saw the retirement of Anne the Elephant who was rescued from a life of misery at the hands of Bobby Roberts’ Circus with whom she had spent the last half of a century.

I’m sure nobody would argue that she would be better kept as circus fodder than enjoying her retirement at Longleat, except maybe those that stand to lose financially from no longer having a ‘big draw’ at the big top.

I hope poor Anne’s traumatic story will bring attention to the suffering of all animals used in entertainment.

Two horses were killed, as well as many others attaining injuries at this year’s Grand National causing enormous public outcry, but still this dreadful spectacle of animal abuse continues every year because people are willing to support it with their wallets by placing a bet.

I thought it was 2011. Isn’t it about time Britain stopped relying on non-consenting animals for cheap entertainment?

SARAH ABBOTT, Longfleet Road, Poole