THE people were tricked into believing that the Common Market in 1972 was just for trade, we did not think for a moment that we would be giving away our country to Europe, which has been steadfastly defended and fought for over the centuries.

All three parties promised a referendum on the issue – In or Out of the EU – but they trick us again and again with false promises.

The question I ask is: Is it treason by the politicians that have been elected by false promises?

There is a public debate at The Mowlem, Swanage, on April 28 at 7pm – there are excellent speakers.

Invitations have been sent to the Liberal party to explain what they consider to be the “benefits” of being in the EU and why we should not govern ourselves.

An invitation has been sent to Richard Drax to tell us his involvement to date. The debate will be: Should we leave the EU and if it is possible?

Yes we can.

M D HOBSON, Albany House, Worth Matravers, Swanage