HOWARD Davies makes excellent points in his letter on public and private pensions in his letter of March 23.

I entirely agree public sector pensions could hardly be more modest in comparison with high-end private sector pensions. It is indeed beyond a scandal on any standard that bankers and others enjoy £80,000 pension pots (silos) tax-free.

And then we are left wondering how much high end super-wealth is floating far off-shore – far beyond our tax system.

It is to my mind an undoubtable fact that “complexity” is the modern super-fiscal weapon that defeats honesty, and fair play.

So I am very sorry if my letter (Echo, March 19) was read as an attack on some of the best in our land. My personal large concern is national wealth being sucked up into the self-serving City of London and consumed by the markets.

And on that point I believe many local authority funds are in considerable deficit – this then needs dealing with.

I would think a decent state pension for all around around £10,000 is the way forward. Required contributions to save more to be voluntary, not compulsory.

JEFF WILLIAMS, Jubilee Road, Parkstone