WHY is it that even though we pay our taxes our local councils are not listening to what the people want?

The Imax situation is ridiculous. Why can’t they see that to build a permanent ice rink, large enough to be used for Olympic competition would open up a whole new world for Bournemouth and its surrounding areas.

It would make an unbelievable profit. It would be somewhere for young and older teens to meet up and enjoy a really great time and sport together without being out on the streets getting into trouble.

I should know, I spent my life from 12-18 years old skating three or four times a week and I loved every moment of it, at Westover Road Ice Rink.

We skated to disco music and made lots of new friends. They were the best years of my life.

I am 56 now and what have the kids got: computers, hanging out, getting streetwise.

Where are the youth clubs? What do we expect these young ones to do? I started when I was four and right up to when I stopped at 18 I still got butterflies when I was queing up to get in.

Families can meet up too. Tourists will flock here – especially to the beach. Come on councillors give us what we want. If Basingstoke can do it for Hampshire then why can’t Bournemouth do it for Dorset.

PRISCILLA J BLAKE, Victoria Road, Bournemouth