SADLY, it seems we are degenerating into a nation of protesters.

Every day the media is seemingly full of nothing else, whether it’s closures, power sources and the latest in the south, against the bio-energy plant in Southampton.

However, there is one thing these protesters haven’t done, and that is come up with any sensible alternative or constructive criticism.

There are complaints by the bucketful but no other reason except they don’t want it in ‘their backyard’.

The Nimbys against the wind farms seems to be gathering pace with more and more people joining in.

When I asked one of the protesters about an alternative he just shrugged his shoulders, by his actions he was just a Nimby.

We have been told that by installing solar panels we will not save energy but in some cases feed surplus into the national grid. If this is true, then why isn’t there some sort of grant available for everyone to have them installed, or better still, new properties being built have to have these put in as a normal procedure?

The panel makers, suppliers and even the powers that be, would benefit, or at the very least we would not be plagued with these Nimbys. Or will we?

JOHN R COLE, St Margarets Road, Poole