May I, through the medium of your paper, thank a gentleman who saved the life of my dog.

I was on the harbourside at Hengistbury Head on Sunday evening. My dog decided to swim out following a swan.

We haven’t had her long and I was convinced that she would turn back, however, she kept on swimming out into the harbour – ignoring calls from me.

She was out as far as the second yellow buoy and I was convinced that she would drown or be caught by the boats going up river. At this point I was in despair.

A gentleman came along and he had a dog whistle which he blew several times, and by a miracle my dog heard it. She turned and came swimming back. She is quite small and it was a long swim. When she was ashore I turned to thank him but he had gone. I just want to send him my heartfelt thanks.

JACQUELINE HAMMOND, Bronte Avenue, Christchurch