Tony Blair’s memoirs, A Journey, turn out to be exactly what we all thought that they would be – a paean to himself.

He suffered delusions of grandeur while in office, behaving more like a president than a prime minister, and it is clear from his memoirs that he has not changed one bit.

I don’t believe for one minute that this he feels an ounce of remorse over the deaths that resulted from his illegal war – and any tears he shed were for himself.

And nothing says more about Mr Blair than the fact that, although he thought that Gordon Brown was quite obviously not capable of running the country, he had no qualms about handing it over to him on a plate.

A Journey is just the latest in a succession of New Labour political fictions.

As for his decision to donate the profits from the sale of his book to charity – it amounts to a little less than £10,000 per serviceman killed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Robert Readman, Norwich Avenue West, Bournemouth