The article in Snapshots of the past detailing the wartime role of the Dorset Regiment in the 43rd Wessex Wyvern Division (Daily Echo, August 31) should have included the part played by the 7th Battalion Hampshire Regiment in the drive from Normandy to Germany.

The 7th was Bournemouth’s Territorial Army battalion based in the former Drill Hall in Holdenhurst Road, and was made up from local volunteers, including my late father, Harry Budden.

In those days Bournemouth was part of Hampshire and the 7th Battalion was drawn from all over the south of the county.

It was mobilised before the outbreak of the war and served throughout the South, acting as defence against the threatened invasion, before embarking for Normandy and serving throughout North West Europe and into Germany itself.

The battalion was billeted in Nijmegen after the Arnhem battle and many local people maintained the friendship with the Dutch people they encountered at that time.

It is important not to forget the contribution of our local TA companies as part of the 43rd Wessex Division.

Geoff Budden, Ashburton Gardens, Ensbury Park