Hooray, August is over – not just the awful weather but the end of the infuriating cycling ban along the prom!

The petty minded ban encourages the hysteria that all cyclists are maniacs and a danger to pedestrians, so may not enjoy the scenic, safe five-mile ride on their environmentally-friendly means of transport during our all too brief summer.

The fact that long stretches of the route are totally devoid of anyone on foot and that the prom is wide enough for any reasonably competent to ride without the least inconvenience to pedestrians is deemed irrelevant.

Surely some compromise should be possible – a painted line, or a restriction limited to the area in front of the beach huts?

I am a lady the wrong side of 60 who would just like to enjoy this wonderful facility before I’m too old and have to take to the prom in a mobility scooter!

Marguerite Greenwell, Bodowen Road, Burton