Derek Moss (Take closer look at wind farm bid, Have Your Say, February 19) is remarkably candid on his website about the fact that he is employed by Infinergy, the wind farm developer, which has recently submitted a planning application to build a wind farm at East Stoke.

Beyond this point however, his statements and the facts of this issue part company alarmingly.

For example, the leaflet handed out by him in Wareham recently states that even people living really close to the wind farm will not have a problem with the noise caused by the turbines.

This is very odd, because I asked Infinergy’s noise consultant about this same issue on two separate occasions at the Springfield Hotel exhibitions and both times he was quite clear that my home would be affected by turbine noise at night.

If you are interested in finding out more about this issue, go to the website, which has been set up and managed by local people who aren’t being paid by developers.

Helen Crow, Middlefield Cottages, East Stoke