I passed my driving test at the beginning of this year, and proudly drive around the area, enjoying the freedom and autonomy that driving provides.

However, I am beginning to realise the number of qualified drivers that have little or no regard for fellow drivers.

The other day I was driving back from Poole Hospital, observing the 30mph speed limit. All the way up until the double roundabout at Alderney, I was followed by a tail-gating 4x4; with obvious intentions to get to his destination faster than the road speed allowed him.

I stuck to the limit, despite his goading, until we reached the first roundabout, where he stuck his finger up and mouthed expletives through his window.

This is just one of a number of immature drivers who, I presume, passed their driving test with the obvious intention of flouting the law and intimidating others.

Is it not past time that these fools grew up somewhat, before they hurt more than just feelings?

Jonathan Daniel Townend, Kinson Road, Bournemouth