Will Mr Bolland be retrained? If his quoted comments about illegally parked cars are accurate in their context, then his understanding of road safety clearly is not of the required standard for someone in his position.

Lisa Hoerder, Avon Road West, Christchurch Accountability not on the curriculum I have discovered that my child’s school has trust status.

Over the past year I have requested information from them to no avail.

I have been met with procrast-ination and accusations of being demanding when following this up.

Apparently the school does not have time to monitor individual pupils’ progress.

On taking this up with the headteacher and subsequently the governors there is clearly a belief that they can do as they please.

The council tell me that the LEA has no authority over such schools. It seems that as long as the school fulfils curriculum requirements it does not have to answer to anyone, least of all the parents of pupils.

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