I am writing in reply to your articles on the Boredom Busters play scheme.

I have worked for them for five years and am a fully qualified teacher working in an ‘outstanding’ school in Bath.

I find it highly insulting and disrespectful that the published articles fail to represent a balanced picture of the scheme.

It is true to say that we received some bad Ofsted reports this year, all of which were carried out at the beginning of the summer, but improvements were put in place before the summer scheme had ended and Ofsted did not return to re-grade after this had happened.

In addition to this, the child mentioned in the accident in the swimming pool received no injuries because it was dealt with effectively and more than enough qualified staff were present to deal with the situation.

This child also returned to our scheme the following day and completed the whole summer.

There was also no scheme run this year from Kings Park School.

Finally, I would like to point out how hard all of our staff work to provide play schemes to support working parents and that we are not a childcare facility as such.

I believe that if you took a representative sample of all the parents who use Boredom Busters you would find that the majority are extremely pleased with our sites and return to us year after year.