MARTIN Skipworth’s assertion (Have Your Say, September 25) that many people believe in what the BNP stands for is valid to a point.

Unfortunately, we live in a different political climate than that of 10 to 20 years ago, when one could express his or her view without first having to look over one’s shoulder.

Most of us know exactly why the BNP did well in the Midlands and northern counties in the local elections, just as UKIP had a boost in support in the European vote.

I find some the BNP’s dogma totally unacceptable and I could never support it, but in one sphere of its activity its aims match my belief exactly.

In a few days time, the Irish people will note again on the Lisbon Treaty, a freedom Britain has been denied.

If their vote next time is ‘Yes’ as expected, we can say goodbye to the fragile dissent we still enjoy.

Then, our votes will be meaningless for we will no longer be a sovereign state, with a titular sovereign thrown into complete irrelevance, like her government.

B L CLARK, address supplied, Poole