WITH regard to the new Poole Local Group (PLG), would residents be assured that this will not be a repeat of the abysmal Poole People’s Party?

Can I ask what their opinions on LTNs (low traffic neighbourhood) and cycle lanes are, these being a massive bone of contention between residents.

At present all the local parties tend to be following a useless green ideology driven by the incumbent we have in Downing Street. Many would like to hear the PLG’s views on these in particular, are the PLG another party in thrall to the local pro cycling pressure group?

We need a voice of common sense that addresses the current problems the whole country faces, especially when it comes to getting the country moving again.

We need people back in the working environment instead of working from home and more people using our town centres, therefore the traffic system needs to be suitable, this does not mean making the roads less able to cope with pre pandemic traffic.

The present BCP administration are hell bent on driving traffic away when we should be encouraging it back.

This is why I ask the new party what they are going to do with regard to improving traffic movement.

BRIGITTE BARNES Terrace Road, Bournemouth