I HAD to read a second time your report on the outcome of the licence to sell alcohol application for the proposed development at Branksome Chine to be certain that what I read was correct.

The licensing sub committee part of BCP Council have imposed conditions on the approval which are to say the least ridiculous and virtually unworkable.

Wine can only be bought by the glass and no more than four drinks can be bought at a time. What happens if a customer buys the allocated four glasses of wine and five minutes later goes back to the bar to buy four more and then repeats this over again? Will the police be called to deal with a possible licence breach ?

The big offence would be to buy a spirit without a mixer which appears to be a condition of the licence being granted. Mr Policeman would have a field day dealing with this major offence. No health issues however because a first aider has to be on site whenever the premises are open so little damage will be suffered if you had the nerve to order and drink a gin without tonic or a Bacardi without Coke.

I am not aware of who sits on this committee but as it is part of the BCP Council nothing ever surprises me but if the development does get off the ground I will be keeping a very close eye on the activity concerning drinking alcohol to ensure no customer succeeds in breaking these stupid conditions.

A Burden

Catalina Drive, Poole