FIVE weeks ago we submitted our Jubilee street party street closure application to BCP council.

Applications closed on April 22 but still we have had no reply. We don’t know if our application is or is not approved.

And making it all the more of concern when you look into council street party guidance there is a long list of regulations, including “There must be a designated event organiser”.

“The closing of the street will be an acknowledgement that the organisers of the party accept responsibility for all claims for Public Liability Insurance cover to a minimum value of £5 million.”

And add to this “Road Closed signs MUST be erected” which on one account can be hired from council, on other accounts to be hired privately.

And the one that floors me, we are not to put bunting up on or connected to lampposts as “lampposts are not designed for this purpose”.

Fact is a two-year-old child could snap the bunting string yet this is deemed a risk to the lampposts. Chilling isn’t it.

And just compare with the huge risks of flying in jets over our towns for the air show. That is all fine and acceptable, but not bunting on lampposts.

And here we are in 2022, post Brexit, fought out for five years, supposed to be our huge liberating break from EU regulation but then facing our own mountains of regulation as suffocating as ever.

No less we will no doubt have a great day on June 5 as all national events over many decades.

With 250 planned street parties in BCP area we can but hope in coming days council will make clear public statements on these issues; public liability, closure signs, if our reinforced concrete lampposts can cope with bunting.


Jubilee Road, Parkstone