THE UKRAINE Appeal Collection Centre at Castlepoint has being doing a magnificent job in collecting goods and sending them out quickly to where they are needed.

The people of BCP area have been great in supporting this together with local schools and other groups.

During this period local Rotary clubs have been supporting both national and local appeals and my wife and I have been collecting donations from friends and supporters to buy items and take them in to help in anyway possible.

However just before Easter the centre had to close for various reasons but is now back open.

On Tuesday my wife and I called in at the Castlepoint collection centre to see how they were getting on.

Things are now much quieter and not so many donations are coming in.

This is fully understandable after the initial rush.

But the volunteers there say there is still a great need for donations.

This may partly due to the fact that members of the public do not realise that the collection centre is now back open.

Some particular items are desperately needed such as baby milk powder, jars of baby food, babies’ nappies, baby wipes, packets of dried food, feminine hygiene products, general toiletries and much more.

You only have to look at the news to see the need is still great with families and children living underground in terrible conditions.

Through your paper can I ask the kind hearted public of BCP to open their hearts once again and give their support.

Please, please, help if you can.

MALCOLM & JENNY JEFFERIES Bournemouth North Rotary Club